Bazooka Joe

a shot you order at a bar consisting of 1 part bacardi limon, 1 part red bull and a splash of grenadine. tastes just like bazooka joe bubble gum
a bartender let me get another round of bazooka joes son!!
s-xual act which may occur after blowing a load into the -ss of another individual. said individual would perform a bazooka joe if he/she slow farted and blew a bubble of j-zz into the face of it’s original owner.
sherly bazooka joed me last night when i fell asleep!
the phrase sometimes yelled by a male during a s-xual act where he is -j-c-l-t-s onto the female’s chest.

furthermore: the stated male should be called bazooka joe for the remainder of his life
sally: hey denise! how was your night last night?
denise: preety good, except for one thing…
sally: what was it?
denise: well this guy yelled bazooka joe! when he came on my chest
sally: cool!
when a guy -j-c-l-t-s waaayyyy too early… before he even lays his hands on the girl
she was looking fine, and then boom, bazooka joe, he finished before they even started
a facial, busting a nut on a girl’s face
i gave that sl-tty girl the ole bazooka joe last night.
to blow your wad prematurely
he got all excited and then bam – it was bazooka joe all over the place.

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