bay area bonanza

when you are about to c-m, you tell her to close her eyes because you are about to shoot. then, when she has her eyes closed and her mouth wide open, you turn around and take a cr-p right in her mouth.
d-mn dawg, last night i was with your b-tch laquisha, and i dumped my bay area bonanza right in her mouth!

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  • bayg*y

    a h-m-s-xual male from a rural community, most notably in a bay or harbour. “man, peach is a total baygay.”

  • bayton

    taking your johnson to town after getting all horned up by some sloots guy 1: i luv bayton to sloots guy 2: who dont? dont go into guy’s room, hes bayton to some sloots

  • bazanga

    used to show surprise or utter shock, usually yelled, best in telling stories of random happenings also, a city in cameroon (near nigeria) so i was walking down the street and bazanga some freak totally came out of no where and nearly scared me to death

  • bazooka hole

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  • bazukte

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