bag of juice, drunkard
the geezer on the corner’s on old bazo.

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  • monday fingers

    the inability to type, or perform other high-dexterity tasks properly on a monday, often because of weekend hangover. “gah! i can’t type this morning. dang monday fingers.”

  • what a solid

    a phrase used to indicate an achievement or any good occasion. can also be used to describe people. a: i got a 100 on my math test. b: what a solid a: my girlfriend finally sucked my d-ck b: d-mn, what a solid

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    the chicago cubs. aptly named due to the club’s home on the north side of chicago, and the nine players they field each inning. and the cubs win the 2016 world series! after 108 years, the northside nine have finally done it!

  • dank queso

    high quality (weed) cheese gotta go get some dank queso

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