short for birth control pill
“hey man my gf finally got on the bcp so now we can have s-x!”
1. buffalo chicken pizza
2. bootie call personal
3. big chief paige
4. birth control pill
1. yo this bcp is so good!
2. who people call when they’re desperate.
3. “just paged bcp.”
4. female contraceptive popularized in the 60s.
business card pick-up
when a male uses his business card as a way of picking up women…

the male can do this by either discreetly dropping the business card into the targets (females) handbag or purse without the target noticing or by placing it somewhere for them to clearly see and then step back and walk away from.

this tactic has been proven to work in many different scenarios, the bcp is an excellent way of “fishing” as there is no limit to the number of bcp’s the male can attempt in one evening, the greater the number of bcp’s attempted the higher the success rate.
buffalo chicken pizza
“yo man! lets order some bcp!”
booty call person(nal)

the person that you would call upon in time of ‘need’.
ah man, why did i fire my bcp? d-mn, looks like i’ll just have to go find another one, and fast!
bcp or bancroft park is the gehtto of hopedale, ma 01747
” jimi and his boys tried to shoot me on my way through bcp the other day!”

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