1: to bean one; 2: to fart or gas on another
sam farted on jeffery, therefore jeffery just got bean’d.


did you just bean jose by throwing beans at him? dude, that is so racist!
to be made a fool of by the lowest rung of the messageboard ladder. also see owned
d-mn i can’t beleive the newb bean’d me

d-mn you got bean’d


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  • Beaner hopping

    derogatory term used by racist youth for group attacks on people perceived to be undoc-mented immigrants. derives from derogatory slang “beaner” for a person of mexican origin. tom: another boring night in suburbia. jim: let’s go beaner hopping.

  • beanerific

    a combination of the slang term for mexicans, beaner, and the word terrific. dude: hey man, i just went to taco bell. man: dude, how was it? dude: oh, it was beanerific man, beanerific.

  • bean time

    simply means it is time to eat. usually heard in old western films when food (beans) cooking or heating over the fire is ready. “tie up the horses and grab a tin y’all; it’s bean time!

  • bean up

    to take ephedrine pills to get high. let’s bean up before hittin’ the club! verb : the act of willfully increasing one’s legume consumption to induce severe gastrointestinal gaseous output, preferably in a very public place mortified mom: “omg, timmy!!! (insert thunderous fart, presumably out in public, surrounded by tons of people.) what in the […]

  • Beardfucker

    a woman solely attracted to men with large, unkempt beards, the kind of which are mainly found on men who listen to indie folk rock. “jane is crushing so hard on that guy who works at the university bookstore, the one who looks like he’s in fleet foxes. what a beardf-cker.”

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