beat fiend

person who can not control their masturbation habits
that b-tch dione was a raunchy beat fiend.

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  • beat the fuck up

    to have your -ss handed to you in a fight, to basically be violently -ssaulted by m-ss proportions. if you don’t shut the f-ck up, your gonna get beat the f-ck up. did you see rocky? it’s a shame he got beat the f-ck up.

  • beaver head

    this is when you have to sh-t so bad some of the sh-t is sticking out your -ss, thus looking like a beaver head coming out. i can’t sit down right now i have a beaver head poking out.

  • becca knowles

    n; see sk-nk. girl who enjoys dong-jokeying as well as driving her hott station wagon around. pretty much the hottest sk-nk around and has an alias name of dagney. oh my god, that girl is such a becca knowles. look at her hott station wagon!

  • bechamel

    creamy v-g-n-l fluids her c-m was the perfect bechamel sauce for my c-ck a la king.

  • bed bath and beyond

    the store that sells bath and bed stuff. i have never found the beyond part. the beyond, in bed bath and beyond is that they sell pancakes there when a man is in the hospital and the nurse jerks him off after giving him his sponge bath. guy 1: “so i heard you were in […]

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