belladonna/deadly nightshade

a shrub with red berries; the leaves & berries, if ingested, cause delirium & hallucinations. it used to be used to dilate women’s eyes as they perceived that as beautiful. before the middle ages, it was used as an anesthetic for surgery. it grows wild too.
i have a belladonna/deadly nightshade\ plant in my garden & a tattoo of one also.
#shrub #poison #potato family #tomato family
a hardy shrub with red to blue~purple berries that are poison; the leaves are too & if eaten, will cause delirium & hallucinations! in the olden days, women used this to increase the size of the pupils of their eyes~this was seen as a sign of beauty. also, long long ago it was used as an anesthetic during surgery.
i have a delightful belladonna/deadly nightshade plant in my flower garden. i adore it!
#berries #leaves #poison #eye dilation #surgery #beauty

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