a phrase or insult directed towards someone who doesn’t perform well.
you are such a benovo nightblue3!

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  • abutalib

    a p-ssy that is bad at fifa and pool wow you’re an abutalib, unlucky!

  • raquel

    so pretty and is fun to hang around with. if you talk sh-t she will come up to you and confront the sh-t outta you. also don’t mess with her she got sh-t that will expose your life. but she so attractive and cute and she waiting for the loml. but she is so cute […]

  • takuache

    owning a dropped truck that is usually loud yet slow as f-ck; basically the stereotype of hondas but toward trucks hey guys look at the takuache! jose thinks he’s fast because he has a dropped chevy, typical takuache

  • keyjuan

    1. the ultimate man 2. keyjuan in ancient fiji means “magic p-n-s” 3. the only man that has b-tches the s-x was so good it’s like he had a keyjuan

  • katte

    that smart black kid who plays 2k like it’s his job dude wall tyler was being balwanted katte and i were playing 2k16

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