berzerker is a keystroke cl-ss in the popular online game black magic, this cl-ss features keystroke combos such as ddsc, wadq adq, ddq, ssq, aaq, wwq, swq, asdq, adadwq, asdasdq, sdq, sax, ssadq, aadq. it features a black and purple sword. the number one berzerker is black_magic ( aka hisokka)
run its a berzerker!!
word used by olaf silent bob cusion from moscow. it is one of his songs with his band f-ck your yankee blue jeans.
\”my love for you is like a ticking clock berzerker, would you like to suck my c-ck berzerker\”
berserkers is a zerg guild that recruits anyone and everything. just go to louyang and you’ll get an invite. they think they’re pro for m-ss recruiting when they’re all pieces of sh-ts who can’t beat nabz without zerging them out.. also known as berzergers, or f-gs.
“oh my god i dont have a guild to woe with”

“its okay, just put up a chat in louyang saying ‘n>guild’ and you’ll get in berzerkers!”

“oh thanks for the tip nabz.”
wolverine’s attack when he is really p-ssed! also know as the berserker rage. wolverine will sometimes lapse into a berserker rage while in close combat. in this state he lashes out with the intensity and aggression of an enraged animal and is even more resistant to psionic attack.
“first you take a run at la fours with a sock full of quarters. i’d do it, but i pulled my back at humping your mom last night. neetch. okay, you clock him on his headpiece and knock his -ss out cold. that’s when phase two kicks in. i attack the structure wolverie berzerker style, and knock out the f-ckin’ pin and bickety bam, the motherf-cker is rubble. hence, no game show. ” – ‘jay’ mall rats

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