meaning “bad for pics” (antonym: gfp good for pics), the term refers to any person, place, object, or activity that would diminish from the quality of the pics that appear in a facebook alb-m. parents in party pics or daytime consumption of alcohol would all be considered bfp. also, certain characters that are notoriously unpopular or disliked would be bfp.
“rebecca and sam are coming to the party tonight. they’re bfp. i’ll edit those girls out of the pics.”
“her parents bought them alcohol after prom and then they appeared in the facebook alb-m watching everyone drink. that’s so bfp”
bfp, or born for p-rn, is the description one attributes to a female who’s style screams p-rnographic movie chic. it’s more than a look – it’s the att-tude as well, the no-care view of s-x and a filthy swagger. starving for p-n-s. always. you see a girl, you think p-rn. bfp baby.
whoa she is bfp – her t-ts are great, and that dress is so short, and she’s walking around like she owns the place!
big floppy p-n-s syndrome. a rare desease where the p-n-s exceeds 10 feet but is always floppy.
guy1: danny has bfps!
asian/brian: what is bfps?
guy1: your mom.
asian/brian: …
guy1: f-ggot.
i would think for the ttc term it would mean..bfp= big fat positive. as in, a positive pregnancy test.
i got a bfp when i tested this morning!!!
big floppy p-n-s syndrome
historically, people with 3 letters in their name, such as ian, have a severe case of bfps. he does not get h-rny for sk-nks since they are sk-nky hoes.
ttc acronym for big fat pregnancy
i finally got my bfp today on 12 dpo!!
bfp stands for big floppy p-n-s
big floppy p-n-s’s can happen on strange people and ugly ex girlfriends
bfp should not be confused with a large p-n-s because bfp is nothing to be proud of
whoa, your girlfriend has a bfp
ha! talk about a bfp!

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