noun. a biophiliac, one who gets aroused by nature
“i think i’m a bios-xual.
flowers turn me on, i have eco-erotic thoughts.
the liquid trickle of the stream-flow lapping over the rocks makes my juices flow.
my loins are moist soil.
my nipples respond to the tiny cupped lips of flower petals…”
poem excerpt by la tigresa, dona nieto
when you love everything including men,women,dogs,tress, turtles , you name it
victor is bios-xual since he cant decide if he likes boys or girls , so he loves inanimate objects and trees
a person who gets off on lab mice, beakers, uranium, and anything else related to biology.
girl: i’m bios-xual!
boy: so… is that a no for the movies?
girl: will you bring me a lab mouse to fornicate with?
boy: huh?
girl: and some uranium… that would be awesome…
boy: okay…
girl: maybe a few contrasting chemicals…
life s-xual
i’m bios-xual! screw bis-xuality!

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