a birdcage is when a guy’s ribs protrude farther than his chest. it is a word that is used to joke around with someone with a small weak chest.
hey pal, nice birdcage!
when someone’s chest is in lack of muscle. very skinny person, to the point, you can see his/her ribs.
you need to pump that bird cage you…. you are a weak private and you need to pump that bird cage of yours.
a shelf, or part of a shelf, in a supermarket, where reduced goods are displayed.

so called because they are going “cheep cheep”!
customer service -ssistant: “madam, you’ll find baked beans going cheep for 5c a can, the bird cage”

customer: “bird cage?”

csa: “because its going cheep cheap!”
term used to describe someone with a protruding sternum and a skeletal body type.

see also:
ashtray; carc-ss;
what’s the matter with you birdcage?
the birdcage is when a guy has plans to chill with his friends but is then made to feel guilty to hang out with his woman.

birdcage can also generally be a demanding girlfriend.
“man, you coming out tonight?”
“yeah, i’ll be there…” — phone rings—- “god d-mn bird cage!!!!!”

“what’s mike been up to recently?”
“i dunno, since his wings were clipped marriage he’s really been birdcaged.”
when your girlfriend owns the key to the cage that your d-ck lives in.
help, i’m stuck in here. let me out.

solid steel birdcage

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