bitch up

what happens when b-tches meet and sparks and fists fly
kelly from the mail room and jenny from distribution had words yesterday and it became such a b-tchup that they called the cops.
1. act like a b-tch, and shut the h-ll up, calm down, and do whatever the f-ck you are told to do.
2. used in prison slang “b-tch up” means to bend over, spread legs, and take the position a female regularly would, in order to proceed in intercourse.
1.i once told my dad to “b-tch up”, and he b-tch slapped me across the face. inmate said to antoher, “leroy, you better b-tch-up, you gonna have some lovin’ like you aint never had, and sho’ ‘nough better not fight it, or i will kick yo’ -ss.”
similar to “man up”. used to tell a female not to be afraid to act like a b-tch and be brutally honest and forward.
female: “all these tools at the club are just not getting the hint.”

friend: “stop being so nice and b-tch up!”
get ready to seduce a person in order to get what you want. pretty much like barney’s “suit up” in himym.
when you’re pulled over by a police officer, you b-tch up so that he won’t give you a ticket.
when someone does push-ups/sit-ups like a b-tch
you’re doing those sit-ups like a b-tch, they should call them “b-tch-ups”
when a girl needs help from her friends in doing something cruel or nasty to someone else. a form of ‘back-up.’
ex1: omg, that sk-nk lesleigh will not get off my boyfriend. i’m gonna go tell that ho off, will y’all be my b-tch-up?

ex2: i’m gonna need b-tch-up, this guy just won’t leave me alone and i’m too nice to tell him to go away.
wussy; playing like girl; to girly like
dog you played that just like girl or a wussy.

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