when a girl is about to tell her best friend some important sh-t.
bestie 1- b-tchhhhhh
bestie 2- oh sh-t its about to go downnn!!!!

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  • hapnin

    mostly used in scotland, “hapnin”means “whats up” “whats happening” just a shorter way of saying whats happening. cameron: hapnin scott: kushdy

  • glitter princess

    a lad or lady who is absolutely caked with glitter to the point were they look like a unicorn queefed on them and they look amazing brad: wow stacy, you sure look hot with all that sparkly stuff on your face. stacy: well brad, they don’t call me the glitter princess for nothing!!

  • starchy asshole

    when your cousin finger blasts you so hard it makes your -sshole feel “starchy” “i got starchy -sshole syndrome after my family reunion.”

  • exacta

    having a partner ride you while you watch the kentucky derby. place your bets on who finishes first! “hey carl, did you watch the kentucky derby last night?” “yeah, but unfortunately my exacta fell through as i bet on my girl who finished last as per usual”

  • cow titty

    a cow t-tty is universally called “the udder” the farmer loved touching the cow t-tty, for it was the only t-tty he could get

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