popular irc client. derivative of ircii. hacked up by panasync.
he’s using b-tchx, and you’re just an mirc lamer. who are you to talk?
b-tchx – is a colorful but clunky text based irc client mostly popular today with people who have the mistaken impression using it is gonna make them like teh most uber l337 h4x0r when all their friends see the witty random ‘i use b-tchx blah blah…’ quit messages.
while this may have been true last century when it really did offer loads of new, exciting, and useful features its complex windowing scheme and default behaviors are enough to turn someone off text based ircing for life. this complexity and the need to memorize a sh-t ton of commands helps add to its leet mystic. but tbh, if you are new to text based ircing, you should probably use irssi instead which is unequivocally da best sh-ts eva!
it should be noted there are a number of truly respectable old schoolers who have been using b-tchx since the dawn of time and are not to be grouped with the current crop of wannabes.
ohh and btw, in reality no one gives a f-ck what irc client ur using.
how the h-ll do i create sepereate windows for each channel?!
f-ck this, im going back to mirc.
— signoff irn00b: 9 out of 10 fluffy kittens use b-tchx and so should you…

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