an online community site that allows each member to create profiles, upload pictures and videos; create threads (forums) in the discussion board area, and use the chat room. the site’s whole make-up can be defined by one word, “superficial.” it lacks diversity and caters to people who are lighter (latinos, mixed ethnicities, and white people are put on a pedestal). large and/or overweight people should stay away from the site since it frowns upon plus-sized people. you have to be light and thin to be in the in-crowd. everyone wants to be a comedian and poke fun at those who they feel are ugly. (beware of “jazes”). several online investigations have been taken place to take care of the on-going problems with s-xual predators, too. the creator doesn’t watch the activities of the site and therefore, totally oblivious to the fact that he is harboring a bunch of pedophiles and racists pigs.
–kita posts a thread ent-tled i’m new–

-she is a dark skin black girl and approx. 5’3 …167 lbs-

first poster- “eww, you’re darker than flava flav.. lmao ”

(common occurrence on

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