blue boost

name given to rough s-x in order to alleviate the symptoms of “blue b-lls”.

often performed forcefully and without consent.

stems from the added power blue flames give a racer in mario kart.
mary knew i had blue b-lls and still teased me at the party so i followed her home and blue boosted into her while she struggled.
used in mario kart double dash; allows you to dodge green and red sh-lls. if you’re really, really good, then you can sometimes dodge the blue sh-ll. if you know how to use it right, you can increase your lap time and boost around corners with precision! called blue boost because it gives your vehicle a boost and it looks like a blue flame coming from the tires.
person 1: i just dodged your red sh-ll with the blue boost.

person 2: d-mn it!

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