a “beer slug” or a gooey substance resembling a slug or spit that comes from a keg.
dude i totally got the blug! you drink!
derived from a cryptic petroglyph found in the lucero wash outside of las cruces, nm, blug has evolved into a broad term generally referring to a large, unkempt, rude, sweaty, mouth breathing, “ghetto” person, or perhaps vehicle belonging to said person. subsequently, the word has been “acronymized” to mean big lazy ugly guy (or girl).
“did you see that blug walking into wingstop?”
“that minivan with the neon undercarriage lights and the raiders sticker is pretty blug.”
upon witnessing a 300 lb. woman climb out of a car in the walmart parking lot, michael points and exclaims, “blug!”
a word that meens nothing, it is used to confuse someone. it can also meen anything.

to blug someone, to be blugged, to have blug, to feel blug.
1. tomy: hey whats up austin?
austin: just blug
tomy: what is blug
austin: you dont know what blug is?
tomy: no, what is it
austin: omg, everyone knows what blug meens

2. i had some blug last night, it was awesome!

3. that just didnt taste very good. it could really use some blug!
name for a fat person that is cool
sup blugs

hey blugs
going to the party tonight blugs
the male version of a klug. meaning a worthlessly fat and ugly male usually having acne and ferociously awful breathe.
amanda: yo .. i was chillen with some madd bangin guy all last night ..

jen: nahh .. i peeped ya boy .. straight up b-lug.
spliff, joint, marijuana cigarette…. you get the idea
pr-nounced ‘bloog’
yo come we smoke this blug, i need to get charged!
its when the blonde life meets the thug life creating someone called a blug; a blonde thug. a blug has the characteristics of a blonde and a thug(malandro) which usually dont last long on this earth, they have a short lifespan due to the mixture of saying and doing dumb things and not giving a f-ck
ohhh shiett that girl is a blug, dont make eye contact with her. xd

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