someone who is ignorant, r-t-rded, and straight up dumb
she’s a blur b-tch
a bl–dy amazing band, commonly -ssociated with the britpop era of the mid-ninties.
blur are an amazing band.
an english alternative rock band that formed in london in 1989. the four members of the band are singer damon albarn, guitarist graham c-xon, b-ssist alex james and drummer dave rowntree.
the band had some rocky times but ultimately still hold on to much of their fan base for making the sort of songs you can always go back to and remember.
they played a huge role in shaping “britpop”.
“and they all go hand in hand,
hand in hand through their parklife.” – blur
malaysian slang for ignorance/being ignorant of something.
“you’re so blur.”
one of the best brit-pop bands ever to be; headed by singer/troubadour/poet damon albarn, blur has been an innovator in melodies and lyrics since the early nineties. blur is pretty much responsible for starting the brit-pop trend–music wouldn’t be the same without this consistently creative group from england.
buy the best of: cd to get an overall feel for the band, and if you’re interested, go out and get their old work, starting with their self-t-tled probably. songs like “the universal,” “song 2,” “beetleb-m,” “coffee and tv,” and “girls and boys” make this band shine. go listen now!
to be in a state of blur. so intoxicated visuals become blurry. most commonly known as pro smoke talk. definatly unknown to those who aren’t down with the herbage. to want to smoke so much your in a blur. it may also be used with alcohol but it not common.
dude, im so blur. aw man i had a hard day at work, lets go get blur.
to run like h-ll. british slang
“blur when you hear the sirens coming. i can hear the sirens coming”
the color seen when driving on the autobahn.
“hey jan, did you see that bmw?”

“oh, you mean the blur one? that was pretty prima.”

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