bmm is the acronym for beat my meat.

also see bym
guy 1: man, i’m so stressed out. i need a release. i’ll just see how fast i bmm.

guy 2: bmm?

guy 1: beat my meat!

guy 2: roflcopter! have fun with that…o.o
b-n-r making machine

a girl that is super attractive and is the epitome of every man’s dream.
caitlin is a total b.m.m.
black male magnet. can also mean fat chick or anyone that attracts a high volume of black men.
lisa has such a big bootie. she is a total bmm.
(noun) baby making music
having planned hours in advance for his night with jessica, john had conveniently grabbed his bmm and stuck it in the car stereo.
bread-meat-mayonnaise sandwich

when you dont have cheese or just want a quick sandwich
used often in florida
man i want me a bmm right quick, im hungry.

hey baby, make a bmm please
big mouth make-out.
you’re at the bar late, you’ve been talking to a boy/girl for a while, you both know what’s going to happen, but you’re a little tipsy so you’re not sure the mouths are going to match up, so you just plunge into the bmm without a care for who sees it.

johnny didn’t care who saw it; he and that girl were just bmming last night.
blows my mind
used in im conversations, forum postings, fbook, texting, etc.
not for use in daily speech.
the new tokio hotel alb-m completely bmm.
the fact she would do such a thing bmm.
that eye rape completely bmm.

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