bohemian lawn chair

the bohemian lawn chair is a certified impression maker, perfect for those dare to be great situations.

the bohemian lawn chair is a maneuver that starts of with the male partic-p-nt penetrating the female partic-p-nt from behind in a sort of standing doggy-style i.e. taking her from behind as she’s bent over with her hands against a wall to brace herself. nearing his climax he starts by grabbing a fistful of her hair and holding it tight and then with his free hand he reaches around to her side and places his hand flat on her stomach to monitor her breathing and after patiently timing it just right and at the point of her exhale where her lungs are at their emptiest he quickly and forcefully drives his fist into her stomach knocking the wind out of her as much as possible then using that fistful of hair to push her head forward thus folding her in half like a lawn chair as he takes her as hard and fast as he can trying to reach -j-c-l-t–n before she’s able to unfold herself. nothing says summer time is here like the bohemian lawn chair.
bohemian lawn chair est. 2001

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