bone muncher

a gay c-cksucker, meatmuncher, pickle chugger.
that guy looks like a major bone muncher.

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  • b*n*r technician

    one who has the specific training and experience in the creation of a successful bonfire. those who possess such skills are the only individuals who have the necessary abilities to tend to what we know as a bonfire. “colin, the b-n-r technician that he is, -ssembled the greatest fire with only the most exotic wood. […]

  • bong alley

    the area between my closet slider and my dresser where the roommates line up/hide their bongs when family visits. it can refer to a number of hiding spots. you mind placing these in bong alley while my sister and her kids cruise over to bbq and swim in the pool?

  • bongweasel

    someone who borrows bong without returning. i will never let bily borrow my bong again because he is such a bongweasel

  • b**bana hammock

    this is the term used to describe the female version of a banana hammock; it’s when a female wears a sports bra, thus creating a hammock effect, otherwise known as a unib–b. look at that b–bana hammock over yonder.

  • b**bie breeze

    when a girl tries to rub her b–bs in someones face but misses so they feel a breeze on the their face from the b–bs. -b–bie breeze “i feel that b–bie breeze, gurl!”

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