1. (adj) the act of having an erection in public.

2. (n) a public b-n-r.
andrew was b-n-rfied while waiting in line at the movies.
having a b-n-r like no other
my neighbor is so b-n-rfied, he makes 14 incher’s look like crayon’s.
unlike b-n-r fide, b-n-r-fied merely refers to a hard-on, stiffy, or ginormous erection (in my case), indirectly stating that something is bigger than it would be without having used this adjective.
check it out, my w-ng is totally b-n-r-fied.

the doctor told me i could never eat lollies again. i believed him. he was a b-n-r-fied -sshole.
1:word that is used when a male achieve giving a female an -rg-sm

2: male with a enormous erection
female”yes! yes! yes!… ohhh!”

when you see a very attractive woman but you are afraid to stick your p-n-s inside of her because she most likely has 9-100 different diseases of the v-g-n-, -n-l, or mouth area (or all of the above).
those six sorority sisters with the same pair of leggings, jackets, and ugg boots look like they would be a great f-ck, but i am completely b-n-rfied because they are such wh-r-s.

dude, i am completely b-n-rfied after hearing that our friend got gonorrhea from her; f-ck it, yolo.
the process of getting an instant erection
the secound i saw that chick i was b-n-rfied
geting a b-n-r in your -ss.
i totally b-n-rfied that dude on halo

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