a girl named barbara with big b–bs,
used in “two and half men”
jake drew an anatomically correct picture of a girl in his cl-ss.
yeah, and named her b–bra

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  • b**b-type

    b–b type: verb; the act of inadvertently typing words while one’s breast is pressed to a technological device. super_cool28: daskgjbn—-111,. softballer99: what?! super_cool28: sorry! i was carrying my laptop downstairs and i pressed it against my b–b by accident! softballer99: omg! you b–b-typed!

  • boogar

    1. an aging female “boozer”, that preys on younger men. 2. the drunk version of a cougar. 3. demi moore let’s go to the pub tonight and pickup some boogar’s look that pathetic boogar trying to hump that guy on the dance floor.

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    another name for cocaine. hook us up with some booga sugar thats some chronic booga sugar ya’ll!

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    booger cheese is the crust from a pulled booger that is left on the face or cheek. or a crusty booger left on clothes or on the wall of a bathroom stall. or a booger that has been flicked on the back of an unsuspecting pedestrian crossing the street. after wiping his nose, tommy left […]

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    the act of doing something very naughty and disgusting. harrison: meagan have you ever boohara’d?? meagan: yeah, why? harrison: ahh that’s disgusting! vulgar!

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