booger wolf

the kind of chick that is pretty from the neck down. in other words her face resembles a pit bull puking but her body is of s-xual caliber
if it take a six pack to look the girl in the eyes then she is a booger wolf!
an obnoxious, fat, hairy, disgusting female that thinks she is hot. she is the one that gets drunk and wants to have s-x with anyone. as the night grows, she becomes hairy, sweaty, and greasy. often known to howl!
“let me hook you up with my girlfriend.” “h-ll no, she’s a boogerwolf!”
a really beastly looking female. the kind of female that are only authorized to have s-x with just prior to alcohol poisoning or in a pitch black room. booger wolfs can usually be found traveling in packs, it’s just their nature.
“hey the bar is closing and i can’t find a breezy, guess i’ll have to catch a booger-wolf.”
a sasquatch woman….a fairly large, ugly, dumb woman.
“that fat -ss cut me off! d-mn boogerwolf!!”
an ugly -ss chick that stands on the street corner picking her nose while howling at the moon in broad daylight!
“yo man you see that booger wolf over there?”

“yeah, the hairy beast with buck teeth sweatin grease.”
a disgusting beast of a boy or girl. fat and ugly, that you hook up with when you are wasted and then throw up on their face the next morning becauce it’s sick. they have disgusting breath and hairy backs…

to ward them off one must sometimes spit on their hand and smack the booger wolf in the face
david: did you go home with that booger wolf last night?
you: no man. never…………. (you immediately go slit your wrists)

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