1) the ultimate form of noob. often an internet nerd who is hooked on video games and regularly speaks with a nerdy, high pitched voice. have underdeveloped social skills and find themselves alone at home doing nerdy things during both day and night.

2) a person who identifies well with noobs and displays the same personality traits, many of which lead them to falter in the social world. viewed by the public as a disgrace to society and outsiders to the daily activites around them.

3) one who is not good at a particular activity, or who lacks the competence needed for success in something. many times they do not have the ability to realize their misfortune. this person may think they are skilled in the aforesaid activity, or claim they “pwn.”
1) person 1: have you talked to the peej lately?
person 2: no, he is being a borgnoobulis. last i heard, he was at home playing star wars monopoly.

2) person 1: dvorak, are you coming to the party tonight?
person 2: no, i would rather go hang out with my friends i met through playing runescape.
person 1: why are you such a borgnoobulis?

3) person 1: j-wink, did you really just go all-in with a 7 2 off-suit? no wonder you lost!
person 2: what the h-ll man, i had the best hand. i am much better than you at poker!
person 1: you were against pocket aces, borgnoobulis.
person 2: shut up! i pwn noobs like you!

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