1. a drunk

2. an alcoholic
1. outside of bar:

“holy sh-t, check that guy out. he can’t even stand!”

response: “f-ckin bottle-ss”

2. walk into a bar:
“dude, that guy is in here every night.”
“yea, he is a bottle-ss.”

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  • bottle clap

    when one breaks a bottle(wine or beer)on someone else. -“james was so drunk at that party i had to bottle clap him over the head to put him out!” -“that girl’s so ugly, it looks like someone bottle clapped her face.”

  • bottles of veuve clicquot

    1. a bottle of champagne that is quite expensive. 2. champagne that rich folks drink. 3. overrated champagne. 1. chuck always ordered bottles of veuve clicquot on sunday’s. 2. ellins loves bottles of veuve clicquot that comes with sparklers. 3. lee is the master of bottles of veuve clicquot.

  • bottom naked

    when a person is naked apart from a top/shirt. the most discusting act ever, its just wrong. what evil people wear when going to bed. daniel was bottom naked, hes gay

  • bottom of the basket

    from the vanish advert in the uk: ‘bottom of the basket toughness’, means something is grimey “scotts t-rdowns are from the bottom of the basket” “jasons bike rides like its from the bottom of the basket”

  • bougasm

    -rg-sm caused by wasting money in the hippest way possible. how you pr-nounce it depends on your economic status. an open-air tapas bar on top of a skyscr-per? and the bathroom faucet streams pellegrino? i…i just had a bougasm. girl #1: he made my legs shake, the best bougasm i’ve ever had. girl #2: you […]

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