a monster of s-xyness beyond your wildest dreams.
i want to put whip cream on boutavees b–bies

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  • bowts

    the skin in which two b-lls sit if you fully extend your hand downwards and curl your fingers in toward your body bam you struck gold, bowts gold

  • box herder

    a person who is able to control the whereabouts of women. pimp daddy is the number one box herder in this town, he can post women on every corner and hasn’t made his own sandwich in years. a pimp of sorts, one who “herds” his women. usually with physical violence. “johnny’s a box herder; he […]

  • boximus prime

    noun (proper), adjective (bocks-i-muss prime) 1. a state of being that is achieved only after hollowing out your body of any decency or genuine character, creating an empty sh-ll or vessel in which maximum amounts of “bro” and “douche” can be carried. –related forms boximusley primed, adjective yes, i have achieved boximus prime.

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    kick -ss band that is awesome live! 🙂 see them live, ull know what im talking about!! wow i agree with the definition above me! okay but anyways, boys night out also can mean a bunch of boys going out having a night on the town. sometimes boys night out is a bunch of drunk […]

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