a fashioncore/scenecore way of saying the word “brutal”, usually portraying the opinion of how heavy a song from the genres deathcore or hardcore are.

anyone who uses this word in this form in all seriousness are almost always considered douchebags in today’s form of society.
xwakingthefallen: dude bring me the horizon is so br00tal man

xiamthepromqueenx: omgz i know oli sykes is so hot
a word f-g–ss scene kids use to describe deathcore bands, avoiding the traditional “brutal” because we all know deathcore is far from it.
dood whitechapel is sooo br00tal!!
1. adj. brutal (coherent to death metal conventions) as spelt by middle school internet r-t-rds, so as to sound cooler.
2. adj. brutal, yet fashionable, due to prominence on social networking sites. often used ironically by elitist death metal idiots as a way to shield their stagnant genre from progression. this sense of the term is usually applied to proponents of the deathcore genre, as a reaction to the genre’s metalcore influences
1. dood!!!111!!!! chek out this amazin band emmure!!!!!1!!!!!11 they’re soooooooooooooooo br00tal!!!!!!!!!!!

2. “dude (snicker), check out this band. oh, they’re soooooo br00tal.(snicker)”
“…hey, they’re just following their own influences to improve a genre and create a new sound. you’re a d-ck, and i’m dating your mom, and in bed last night she told me she hated you.”
1.)a term sometimes used to express happy, exited, emotions.
2.)a term sometimes used when someone is impressed by another.
3.)ocasionally used when a person has been disrespected.
1.)”dude! did you see how i won the match last night? that was br00tal!”
“sir. did you see how i won the match the other night? it was very grand.”

2.)”holy sh-t man! that was a br00tal kill!”
“oh golly gee. i was quite impressed by the way you executed the other player.”

3.)person 1: “shut the f-ck up! your ugly, and fat. no wonder the chick doesn’t like you! no one could ever like you!”
person 2: “man… that was br00tal…”
person 1: “please be quite now. you are overweight, and have some excess skin. i can see why the women do not care for you. i don’t believe any person could ever care for you.”
person 2: “i found that rather offensive…”
synonymous with f-ggotry. used by scenef-gs and metalheads to describe something ‘cool’. but, we all know that nothing they like is ever, or ever will be, cool.
scenef-g: d00d! brokencyde is so br00tal!!!!!!!!
normal person: shut the f-ck up.
(adj)1.”scene” word for “pretty darn sweet”, “awesomely metal”,etc.
a.)see “scene” if you don’t already know what it is
2.word used to describe a bands “hardcoreness”, also used by “the scene” (usually used when talking about grindcore bands)
a.)see grindcore if you don’t already know what that is.

yo keep that fu–in sh-t br00tal…..your sh-t is hardcore — translation from “scene” to english “h-llo there, your music really rocks my socks! keep up the good work!
metal, generally black metal, that’s more metal than most metal, to put it simply. “br00tal” is a l33t term that means “brutal” in english, and it describes music that is very…metal.
np: cryptopsy – “crown of horns”
omg that sh-t is br00tal

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