break neck

to impress thoroughly, wether it be through shoes, clothes, looks or money.
“d-mn son. you broke that fools neck with your nike dunks, he d-mn near sh-t himself”
has 2 meaning that are total opposites:
1) someone/thing that is so ugly that you have to turn your head so quickly away from it, that you break your neck
2) someone/thing that is the shiznit and you turn yo head so quickly to look that you break your neck…
-not literally- :p lol
1) what the f-ck was that, that hoe all rubbing up on me, sh-t she was a m-th- f-cking breakneck
2) dam girl your so breakneck
a w0rd to be used in to opposite meanings. for g0od and bad.
a fat azz dirty maa faka = breakneck
tight b-tch wit talent = breakneck
when a fine az n-gg- p-sses by and all ur gurlz stare while he p-ssin by…
we all broke neck cuz diz n-gg- was fine

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