to roam, investigate or snoop
you can go into gramma’s room but don’t brivet!

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  • brutch

    the simple combination of ‘brian’ and ‘b-tch, also the aka form of brian from mokena yo what up brutch, you playa pimp!!

  • btwiailwy

    btw i am in love with you hey, btwiailwy 🙂

  • bubs lucky

    an extraordinarily lucky feat, usually accomplished by someone who is traditionally lucky anyway. man, you gave that hottie a belmont transfer and she still came back for more? you’re not lucky, you’re bubs lucky. give her a donkey punch for me.

  • bucket kicker

    someone who merely has to much for one guy. a sick, cruel individual who merely builds guys up that don’t deserve her(places them on the bucket) so she may kick it and kill them(crush their spirit). shes a bucket kicker, watch out!

  • bucklow

    the process of making a long word with the suffix bone after it my favorite bucklow is scapocaplacticalbone

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