its one of the nicest boroughs in greater london, i know that, funnily enough, because i happen to live there. and wtf there are no pikeys around, no one wears sh-t like burberry etc. and its a safe place so i don’t know what you people are talking about because i don’t know how many of you people live on a f-cking council estate in deptford and as my mum is a criminal defence lawyer she knows that 10 people a day get stabbed around there and i know that like 10 people a decade get stabbed in bromley. so p-ss off.
do you want to go to bromley later? ok i’ll meet you outside boots in an hour bye!
a great place where you can meet up with friends and have fun. and i dont know what people are going on about with pikies cause there are none in bromley. its a family safe place so shut up those people who are insinuating that this awesome place is full of pikies. you only say that because you wish you lived there.
hey, you wanna go to bromley?

h-ll yeah! bromley’s awesome lets visit the glades!
a ski area in southern vermont. 44 trails, 1385 vert, friendly atmosphere.
lets go to bromley and not pay 70 bucks for stratton.

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