the most amazing girl alive, sometimes thought to have the most amazing hair a girl can obtain.
guy: look at that girls hair, and her body, she’s amazing!
other guy: well, her name is bryanna after all…
the most amazingest girl you would ever meet. once you become friends with her she will change your life forever, you will never be able to forget her. she is so beautiful that everyone wants to be like her. she has the most amazing eyes. she know how to make everyone laugh and feel happy. all the boys chase after her because of her beauty. bascially the greatest girl on the face of the earth.
bill: ” woah that girl is so beautiful!”
jim: ” of course she is, her names bryanna.”
a buetiful girl with an exsplosive personality amzing in every way with a bubbly personality
guy: do u know bryanna other guy: no but i wish i did
a really pretty girl with blonde hair that lives in whitehall
did you see bryanna yesterday
a beautiful person inside and out: lesbian
look at that bryanna kissing that girl!
nasty hoe bag with pukish red roots that have been dyed blond. she messes with the best relationships just so she can have s-x with yo man. sl-t.
everyone knows a bryanna…..

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