a male of the human species with an extremely large p-n-s.
dood, that boy’s got a killer naveen!
one who is ungodly efficient with computers and anything involving printed circuit boards
another crash….uh oh, better call naveen
new – the meaning in hindi
a naveen beginning, or a naveen day
a person who is smart and hardworking. but often loud in public and obnoxious when drunk. occasionally works part-time as a p-rn star.
if you touch my girl again, i’m going to naveen your -ss!
kindhearted. a wonderful individual who will go out of her way to look out for her friends, and those dear to her. strong-willed, and intelligent.
naveen is that friend who is always there for you.
adj. used to describe someone who is extremely cheap. in the sense that they are bold enough to do it in public and not be ashamed of it. bold used in a bad sense.
noun. someone who is cheap, and does not care for others’ opinion on him/herself.
you went four times to get free samples?!? why are you so naveen!
i got ripped off by this naveen on the street, he kept bugging me for stuff!!!
a human from fiji with a p-n-s so small a geek cant find it with a microscope. in hindi it means new. so a naveen has a smaller p-n-s than a newborn female
life sucks i cant get any because of my naveen p-n-s. states brandon

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