know for their choir’s beautiful rendition of the african song “zha muranzha” and tasty cookies
bsm choir singer: “zhaaaaaa murrannnzhaaaaaaaa”
a hockey high school in st. louis park, mn. school where you can steal otis sp-nkmeyer m-ffins, graffiti walls in the bathroom, make hot mom lists in stall number four, smoke weed in the bathroom, have s-x in the parking lot, parade through the orthodox jew neighborhood, skip cl-ss, steal lunch cards, boycott the homecoming dance, text during cl-ss, and set p-rnos as other peoples background on their account in the library.
lame slp kid: dude, look at those bsm kids. i wish i were like them.
benilde-st. margaret’s high school. hard-knock private school in st. louis park, minnesota. notorious for in-school crime, ie. students stealing otis sp-nkmeyer cookies from the “slow lady”.
did you seem those thugs from bsm drunk drankin’ da mocha at caribou?
a piece-of-sh-t school located in brown summit nc. n-body likes it and the people who work there smell like they stuck their head up a f-cktard’s -ss.
man, bsms stanks………no really it smell s like a hairy muslim……
when something happends at bsm, nothing happends, its just another dead mother f-cker. a hard knock high school located in dangerous, crime filled neighborhood st. louis park, mn. notorious for it’s in-school arrests and drive-by shootings, bsm is one of the toughest schools out there.
kid: yo u hear there was another drive-by at bsm today?
other kid: when isn’t there a drive-by.
kid: it must be scary going there
other kid: its a rough place were u gotta protect yo sh-t and not be afraid of nuttin
1.)something, such as a belief or inst-tution, that elicits blind and destructive devotion or to which people are ruthlessly sacrificed.
2.)an overwhelming, advancing force that crushes or seems to crush everything in its path
donnie – can i be bsm?
justin – only if you show your p-n-s to that train conductor.
donnie – ok.
land of weirdos, mostly hockey territory is u dont rock with the hockey players you dont rock at all.
u go to bsm?

yes but i rather be dead!

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