completely kick-ss band of the late 1990s. lead singer was josh todd, an intensly charismatic, s-xy man with an amazing voice.

made famous by the cocaine anthem “lit up”, featured on their s/t alb-m.
put buckcherry back in the cd changer, i want to listen to “time bomb” again.
the main man musician of the 20th-21st century, crazy b-tch was definatly a great tune.
crazy b-tch, sunshine, and everything are good examples of buckcherry
the act of spontaneously having s-x with a nasty stranger in the mens room of a dive bar while the song ‘crazy b-tch’ by buckcherry is playing in the background.
i think theyre going to go buckcherry
noun; a disorder where you are only with your guy/girl because he/she f-cks so good.

in fact, you actually can’t stand him/her, but the s-x is just too superb to p-ss up.
“yo, that b-tch is f-cking crazy, why are you still with her?”

“i can’t help it, man, i got a case of the buckcherries.”

“oh, okay.”
“shocker”ing a girl except the opposite way, 2 fingers up the -ss and only 1 up the p-ssy
tom tried to give his girl the shocker but it was dark and after wrestling around for a while he accidentaly gave her the buckcherry
a bl–dy piece of p–p that comes out of a girl’s -ss after you engage in -n-l intercourse.
kind gentleman: i was f-cking her in the b-tt until i found a buckcherry on the tip of my p-n-s. the night ended after that.

gentlemanly acquaintence: indeed!
a attractive male virgin
did you see the new guy in school?i bet he’s a buckcherry.

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