Bud Lite

p-ss flavored water. from the princess of beer budweiser- the weekest d-mn beer ever.
watered-down horse urine that high school kids who can’t hold their liquor drink because of its low price and lack of alcohol, which makes it possible to consume a large number without getting drunk.
“someone switched my bud lite with urine and i didn’t notice. not surprisingly, i got more of a buzz from the urine…”
non-potent weed
“that was some weak weed”
“yeah, definately bud lite
during intercourse if no suitable lubes are around and many beers are present, grab a lite beer and proceed to pour gently into the open crevice. once a sufficient amount of light beer has been soaked up enjoy
peter brought a cougar back to the hotel room who was as dry as a rock. to fix this he gave her the old budlite
product of an enema

see also: duece juice
hey steve hand me a bud lite!
hold on i am almost done with this enema and i’ll fill ya up!
the best beer ever made.
yo nickifal! gimme another budlight! 12 aint enough!

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