bugged asf

h-lla high as f-ck
he was bugged asf

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  • f*ckaleptic

    a physical disorder in which lack of s-x and excessive horniness forces someone to sleep with a random stranger. derived from narcoleptic in which lack of sleep causes a person to nod off mid-sentence. my friend ed hadn’t been laid in so long, after the bar closed tonight he appeared to be f-ckaleptic heading home […]

  • computer c*nt

    some c-nt who thinks they know everything about computers john: hey tim! tim: what john: i just got a gt9 ftyt5 dsdq role processor and a gtx 2000 tim: your a computer c-nt

  • hot mess syndrome

    when you or your pet has so many medical problems there’s no single diagnosis for all of them what did the veterinarian say is wrong with your dog? they said she’s got so many problems it considered hot mess syndrome!! jacked up messed up bad

  • honecker

    a woman with a really long neck that gives good head. d-mn! shawty is a honecker with her long -ss neck. she gives the best top i call her giraffe for short.

  • ya yeet

    can mean aggressively yes or no depending on how it’s connotated. “wanna go to a party? ya yeet! i’m down if you are!” “wanna go watch six hours of glee? ya yeet i’ve got a ton of spanish homework to do.”

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