Buggy Moley

a buggy moley is a female of questionable virtues, who works for the man who owns the buggy.
the boss man gets the ‘buggy moley’ to harness his horse and hitch it to the buggy when he goes off to visit the local establishment for a quenching ale and a raunchy hooker.
the buggy moley is called a moley because she drives him to the said establishment and ‘warms him up’ on the way by performing lewd acts, as the boss man isn’t as young as he used to be and his oven must be stoked slowly to start the fire.

when the horse and buggy are snowed in or if the boss just cant be f-gged going to the pub for a drinky and root, he calls upon his buggy moley to satisfy his dirty desires, if she is a very well trained buggy moley, she will even let him do her up the b-m!

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