bum dicked

being taken advantage of or tricked by a drunken b-m.
a b-m sits outside a conveniance store. hes asks an unsuspecting person (melvin) to by him some beer. (melvin) says ok, gimme the money. b-m says “im to drunk to take it out of my pocket can you grab it for me?”………..and you can guess who gets b-m d-cked from here.

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  • b*m-drummer

    a b-m-drummer is a male person who partakes in the drumming of the b-m, ie a batty boy, queer, h-m-, sh-t stabber. or in the conventional wording a h-m-s-xual. get lost you b-m-drummer.

  • b*mfle

    cloth that is bunched up or wrinkled – term used in the west of scotland your jersey is all b-mfled round your waist

  • b*mped uglies

    another world of having s-x janice:over the years, none of you ever got drunk and stupid? joey:well, that’s really adifferent question. janice:i can’t believe a group of people who spends this much time together has never b-mped uglies .

  • b*mperballed

    when your v-g-n-l area is being attacked by a man’s b-lls durring s-x. “ow, you just b-mperballed me. ewwwwww”

  • b*mwash

    less aggressive term for describing something that is generally sh-t and can be compared to the cleanliness of one’s -rs-. the jonas brothers’ singing is f–kin’ b-mwash!

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