a boy who is a total creep. he txts every girl he can get his hands on. only to ask to s-xt or to hangout so he can hook up with the hundreds of girls he texts. too bad n-body texts back =]
person 1: did that boy text you yet

person 2: yea he is a total creep

person 1: what a burkett
the act of standing next to a person in support. mostly while they speak false or misleading and mostly unscientific information. often used when referring to unproven medical procedures or the false effects of medicine or medical procedures. sometimes used in support of womans health or gynecological matters.
he was her burkett as she stood there and lied. will you burkett me so i don’t look like i’m lying. stand next to me and burkett because i don’t know what i’m talking about. if you burkett me, maybe i won’t look stupid. come on man, burkett me, maybe they won’t know.

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