big, manly, intimidating, or huge
that girl up to bat is pretty burley.
to take a sh-t in the middle of a school’s cafeteria. then eating it.
deb pulled a burley today in the high school it was f-cked up.
cool, bad-ss, same as st–zie,
did just hit that jump?

yeah, that was so burley!!
to take a sh-t in a mancave and proceed to eat it or pick it up and use as a lubricant for s-x
i am going to let deb into the mancave because she said she would perform a burley for me and all of my friends!

man, that chick was great when she let me burley her in the mancave!
a chick who goes out with really ugly park guys, but loves to go out with little shrubbies.
“omg, that girl just pulled a burley on that dude!”
“omg, that girl and that guy looks like a burley couple!”
big fat bifta. originating in room 77 the burley is smoked in times of celebration or in times of an extreme desire to become intoxicated.
person 1: “i just bought a new harmonica.”
person 2: “ace.”
person 3: “i’m gunna make a burley for this!”

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