to have huge muscles and is tough as nails.
dude, my chevy is the most burly thing ever, its had like 20 wrecks and its still going. nothing can penetrate it.
to be lumberjack like. must have facial hair and be somewhat muscular. burly people are usually very nice. burly people arent skinny, they have meat on their bones.
ivey: did you see how burly ian greenhaul looked today ?!
leah: yeah ! his burliness is it of control !
to convey in an ebonics tone that an activity has either just started, or is yet to begin.
hey man, what’s the score?
nothin’, cuz they just burly started.

i’m hungry, what’s to eat?
we just burly grillin’
when you lay down in your bed totally drunk and you feel as if the world is spinning.
no man i’ve got the burlies.
a descritive word, emphasising phattness in an activity, for example, skateboarding, or other similar sports.
“did you see burly chalres crank that phat seven stair?”

“yes, rather burly indeed.”
combination beautiful and gnarly– burly
that broad was burly man
the city of burlington (specifically burlington, ontario, canada).
“oi, there’s a show in the burly this friday.”

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