last letter in this f-kin dictionary
im gonna catch some z’s

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  • Burr Fuck

    1. the most unfortunate kind of s-xual intercourse. burr f-ck usually results in a small p-n-s, leading to discomfort and pity from your s-xual partner. 2. an expression used by sodomizing woodsmen when it is very cold. 1. unfortunantley, when i lost my virginity to sara palin it was a burr f-ck and even she […]

  • Burts Tiki Lounge

    burts tiki lounge is a slum dive bar in salt lake city, utah that hosts live music 7 nights a week. burts is located on state street just outside of the downtown area and has managed to destroy every health violation in the book, yet they have dodged the health department every time. burts is […]

  • Buscemination

    the act of being turned into a steve buscemi, as via the gaze of a host buscemi. be cautious, steve buscemi’s like to come out durring a new moon, and a simple gaze can convert you into a were-buscemi. “the buscemination won’t cease. for this new moon, so many buschemi’ walk the woods.

  • Bushle-Snap

    pretty, stunning, nice, gorgeous, handsome, lovely. a compliment you look very bushle-snappy, today!” “thank you so much

  • bus rida

    the name of song, sang in the fake gi joe psa mostly refered as the bus rida. check it out on youtube. girl : tony? you think i could have some more? buuuuuurrrrrrppp! boy : yeah. we should totally hit it again, but i got first dibs on it. jamacian dude : jamacia mon fus […]

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