Butt Slushies

its what happens to your fecal matter after dining at a sh-tty thai food restaurant. you best be ready to paint your toilet bowl a light to medium shade of brown with a high possibility of solid corn and peanuts.
“jesus mary f-cking christ dan! is that sh-t running down your leg?”

“f-ck me runnin’ must have a bad case of the b-tt slushies”
a mixture of feces, s-m-n, and blood excreted after rough -n-l intercouse.
after back-door-betty was c-ck-slammed in the stinkhole, she went and dropped a big b-tt-slushy.
when a man takes a dump into a girl` s mouth, then the girl vomits(with the dump still in her mouth) all of it into the man ` s mouth, then the man spits all of it into the girl` s -ss and f-cks her.
i want to give your mom a b-tt slushy.

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