the relation and/or pertaining to a b-tt.
try to achieve maximum b-tt-t-tude while taking this picture.

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  • b*ttwaz

    a distressingly watery ejection from the human -n-s. waz:p-ss::b-ttwaz:(unmentionable.) “that chipotle gave me the worst b-ttwaz.”

  • b*ttyninja

    1. sandwich flavoured ninja. 2. a person who works in a fast food restaraunt, specialising in sandwiches. 3.a fat martial artist, so fat that they cannot move. 1. “this ninja sure tastes sandwichey” 2. ” he was so fast, he was a b-ttyninja…the king of b-tties” 3. “yo brah, you so fat you a b-ttyninja, […]

  • butut

    a bronze coin of the gambia, the 100th part of a dalasi. i spent a butut in gambia today. found this word while playing a word game online… i have come up with the following explination of the word: erm… nevermind. someone else please describe this word to me because i’m speechless. “h-llo dear friend, […]

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    a name for people who suck the life out of things with either lame comments, or just their general presence. i was having fun until buzz killjoy over there came over and ruined everything. buzz killjoy ruined my high. 1.when someone adds something not funny at all to a funny joke makes you sad in […]

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    the word used in brazil to define a jerk or a silly person. hey babaca, come here. you´re such a babaca! a dummy, bozo, idiot, etc. literally, portuguese for “one who slobbers”. also can be used among close friends as a term of endearment. “that babaca locked his keys in his car.” “hey babaca! what’s […]

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