Captain Fuck Yes

the guy who’s always way too excited about everything.
danson: “hey ted, do you have any cardboard boxes?”
ted (captain f-ck yes): “f-ck yes!”

danson: “hey, do you want a mountain dew?”
ted (captain f-ck yes): “f-ck yes! extreme!!!”

danson: “have you seen ted? captain f-ck yes kicked down my door the other day, yelled, ‘extreme’ and ran away.”
a chicago-area superhero who is powerless save for his unflappable motivation to secure solace and mirth for those he knows.
d-mn man, this whole week sucked -ss. what’s the point in even going on? -sigh- …whoa, wait!! who’s that caped guy with the huge exclamation point on his chest?? he has burritos and smokie-treats…. it’s captain f-ck yes!!

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