cara armstrong

usually a blonde s-xy slag who has huge t-ts that make guys drool!!! may be a vegetarian but has an appet-te for s-x!!! curvy, gawjus, s-xy, wh-r-y, caring, but…there usually lesbian so sorry to disapoint boyz!!!!! this rare species is often referred to when talking about fit lesbians or big b–bs because caras often hav those…may be found hugging trees because usually they are hippys!!! great fashion sense (frilly bras, thongs and fish nets) are often found in night clubs!
guy1: (wulf whistles at cara)
cara: (shakes hips, sticks chest out) h-llo boys
guy2: well h-lllllooooo gawjus!!
cara armstrong: thankyou (flicks hair)
guy3: god ur b–bs are huuggggeee let us hav a feel
cara: go on then but hurry up i’m heading to a night club and i dont want to be late for my girlfriend

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