a very very beautiful guy.he is rude,jokes,funny,sporty and buff.he has some beautiful eyes mashallah that will make you irresistible to look at,a smile that will make you drive crazy,he is so annoying,he will tease you,punch you,he is so confusing,he will make you mad but then come close to you with those eyes and that smile so you can melt.

in case of relationship he is the perfect guy for you,he will make you laugh and smile when you’re upset,he will make you crazy over him,he will love you,treat you better than any other boy,cuddle you,make you feel special and lucky,he will always be by your side,he will find any gentle way to touch you,to make you mad but it’s only to get your attention…basically a perfect king for a princess.
clara:wow,carar is so rude!
marie:yh sometimes,but i find him funny too.

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