Carrot Cake

this is term for an elderly person that a younger person (around a third of they’re age) would like to have s-x with.
she’s a nice piece of carrot cake
carrot cake can be used as a subst-tute word for the word s-x so people don’t know what your talking about.
omg you’ve had carrot cake before!!

when was the last time you had carrot cake?

1. a cake made from carrot gratings and walnuts.
2. the term used to describe a girl who has over excessivley fake tanned (carrot) and is wearing too much make up (cake face).
1.”omg, my mum made the best carrot-cake the other day!”
2.”oh great here comes carrot-cake, i reckon you’d need a shovel to find her face.”
3.”did you see craig making out with carrot-cake over there?”
1.a cake made with walnuts and carrot gratings. usually made by your mum or grandma.
2.the term used to decribe a cake face who has used too much fake tan.
1.omg mum made the best carrot-cake the other day!
2.oh greaaat, carrot-cake and that un-evolved ape over there are playing tonsil hockey again…
a “ginger” or “gingy” kid who has been cursed with red hair and lots of freckles. these kids often resemble carrot cake, because of its orange colour and unappealing taste.
naomi, “why does jordan milner remind me so much of carrot cake?”

kailey, “beacause he is a carrot cake!, hes a ginger!

naomi (to jordan milner), “hi carrot cake!”

(jordan does a little ginger grunt)
the secret way to get kids to eat vegetables.
kids like cake, but they need their veggies. that’s where carrot cake comes in.
a word used for very attractive gingers!!! :p
my bf is a carrot cake….
omg lucky!!! its hard to find hot gingers around here!
someone who is being an idiot
you are such a stupid carrotcake

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